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The place to find answers to some frequently asked questions on ICAAPs.

Take a look below at some frequently asked questions for those new to the Internal Capital Adequacy & Assessment Process. If you have any other ICAAP questions, just drop us an email and we’d be happy to help.

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ICAAP Support Services

If your firm would like information on our ICAAP support services such as assistance in examining your ICAAP to ensure it is appropriately assessed for your current business plan and activities or assistance in documenting this review, please contact us. Our experienced ICAAP Consultants would be happy to help, so send an enquiry or telephone today.


020 3813 2890

What does ICAAP stand for?

What is the purpose of the ICAAP?

What is an ICAAP Document?

What is the purpose of the ICAAP Document?