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ICG: Individual Capital Guidance

Individual Capital Guidance (ICG) is set by the regulator and is a firm-specific capital requirement.

Should the regulator’s SREP indicate that a firm’s risk profile requires more capital than is currently provided under Pillar 1, then they may request additional capital by setting Individual Capital Guidance.

ICG: Firm-specific capital requirements

Having undertaken a SREP on a Firm’s ICAAP, the regulator may determine that a firm’s risk profile requires additional capital over and above that determined by Pillar 1. As such, under Pillar 2, the regulator may set Individual Capital Guidance or ICG for a firm.

The purpose of ICG is to ensure that the specific risks faced by a particular firm are adequately covered by sufficient capital not prescribed in Pillar 1.

ICG will vary from firm to firm since this is a firm-specific capital requirement and will be dependent upon the firm’s Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP) and the results of the regulator’s SREP.

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